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“Thank you for including me in the Hope Exhibition, great venue! Really enjoyed meeting the other artists and yourself at the Private View. Hope to work with you again.”
Linda C Burrows, UK
“Thank you and your colleagues for all your hard work putting together this opportunity for so many artists and for curating the Menier Gallery space so beautifully.”
Kerry J Stoker, UK
“Thank you for the opportunity to meet the right contacts for the film industry through your exhibition.”
Penelope Cake, UK
“Thank you for giving me the chance to exhibit at the Menier; it was great to see my work in context with the rest of the exhibition! ”
Edward Bullinger, UK
“...thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this lovely exhibition. I've been trying for over a year to expose my work to no avail, so I am very grateful.”
Heba Rena Yassin, UK
“Thanks for letting me be involved in your wonderful show. I really enjoyed myself and hope to get involved again in the future.”
Russ D Hunter, UK
“Thank you for the opportunity to show with Exhibit Here! A vibrant show in a great location. Well done! Hope to show again with you in the future!”
Lucy Marks, UK
“A fantastic exhibition and really well attended. Thank You!”
Clare Maria Wood, UK
“Thank you so much for the opportunity! I am new to exhibiting in London and really appreciated it.”
Trisha Moore de Sanchez, UK
“The last exhibition at OXO was beautifully put together.”
Charlie Chrobniik, UK
“...thank you for the opportunities you have given me to exhibit my work and helping me make huge strides in my artistic practice.”
Gerard McGregor, UK
“I was very happy with the art exhibition in Oxo Tower... ”
Ixchel Prada, Mexico
“Exhibit Here and I have had an AMAZING relationship since the beginning of my career...”
Malinda Prud'homme, Canada

About Us

Exhibit Here is an online art gallery and curator of exhibitions across London, founded by Fine Artist Leila Bibizadeh.