Why sell through Exhibit Here?

An exciting new marketplace for
creative entrepreneurs

Independent stores

Exhibit Here gives you or your creative business a customized storefront allowing you to take control of how your shop looks.

User friendly dashboard

An efficient dashboard that allows easy management of your product inventory including sales, orders, discounts, coupons, store SEO and more.

Manage your store anywhere

Add and edit listings, manage orders, and respond to buyers instantly, from anywhere with our easy to use site. 

Attract new customers

Create sale items or add coupons to your storefront to make your products stand out and entice new shoppers.

Simple shipping management

Handle your own shipping with our smart Zone wise shipping feature, enabling you to set individual prices for different countries.

No monthly fees

Annual subscription packages range from FREE to ULTIMATE with product listing prices starting from as little as 50 pence.  

Increase brand value with reviews

Good product reviews can encourage more store views, help new customers gain trust and in return increase your marketplace brand value.

Easy withdraw system

Withdrawal of funds is simple. You can send requests at the click of a button right from your dashboard for payment from your sales.

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