Water, Water, Everywhere


Acrylic on Canvas 75 x 75 cm

This painting was inspired by the rising river flooding my local park.

The title ‘Water, Water, Everywhere’ is taken from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
which is followed by ‘Nor any drop to drink’.

Rain and more rain this winter of 2020-2021 signifies increasing global warming due to our destructive practices.

The poem is all about what happens when man tampers with Nature. The ancient mariner shot and killed an albatross which he was forced to hang around his neck as punishment. Bad luck befell him, all his crew died and yet he ‘could not die’ but survived in a nightmarish hell. He lived to tell this tortuous tale and how he came to a moment of lucidity finally understanding the beauty and wonder of Nature.

I have always considered that the end of the human race might come about due to a lack of clean water to sustain life. Humans have polluted the World’s life giving substance. Is it too late to stop, and to reverse this?

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