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Lisa Batts

I am a mixed media artist from New Zealand and I also have the privledge of working from a studio in The Netherlands for part of every year. 
I am interested in exploring, through pure colour and the contrast of organic and structured shapes, the myriad of feelings that often present themselves conjunctly.  I consider these collectively rather than on individual basis and create artworks that are all-encompasing by nature.  This investigation into unlocking the all-inclusive hidden parts of oneself and exploring how to communiate these visually, leads me on a personal journey to understand the essence of self.

As a process driven artist, I enjoy experimenting with a combination of paint, ink, graphite, charcoal and thead.  My paintwork often embodies a fabric like quality as it is removed from one surface to another and hand-stitched and/or adhered into place.  By balancing both the pure paint element of my works and the almost hand-craft element of my thread-work, I endeavour to give each component equal merit and meaning without one dominating the other.