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Sarah Magdalena Love

Sarah Magdalena Love (born 1985) is a queer writer, artist, activist and yoga teacher living and working in Brighton, UK. Favorite subjects of her work are queer identities, feminist body images and displacement. She is currently studying for an MA in creative media at the University of Brighton.

Sarah has gained a Bachelor of Arts in social science, creative writing and English at the Open University while living and soaking up inspiration in London, Berlin and Amsterdam. She has also studied creative writing at the University of Sussex. 

Sarah is the editor of the collaborative book “A jar of queer feelings”, an anthology of queer poetry and art and has started several community arts and self-care projects like the Queer Arts & Crafts Club and donation based, body positive and all gender inclusive Queer Yoga classes.

Sarah`s work has been published in Glitterwolf Magazine, in Sinister Wisdom Journal, in the Queer in Brighton anthology, in Skin to Skin, on Autostraddle.com, in Tour Literary Magazine, in the anthology “Queer Episodes” as well as in various zines.