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Jambo - Honey Badger , 2018, Framed Matte Poster Art Print, Made in USA

Posted by: Alice Chan

Art description

Honey Badger is a formidable bear in Africa. "Jambo" means "hello" in Africa. The artist admires the honey badger as it's an animal that is not afraid of overcoming tremendous obstacles when it strives to succeed. The honey badger continues to survive in its dry habitat where food is scarce.

It will venture into the bee hives and tolerate pain of the bee stings in order to eat the bee larva. The badger is not afraid of the horns that comes its way to get the mice hiding inside the horns. The badger is not afraid to combat with the poisonous scorpions or snakes in the wild.

Hang this animal in your living space. Remind yourself that are as strong and formidable as the honey badger and the badger will motivate you to succeed in your every day life. 

Title: "Jambo - Honey Badger"

Medium: Soft Body Acrylic Paint
Year: 2018


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