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Summer Solstice

Posted by: Annalisa Hayes

Art description

Summer Solstice, (oil on paper, individually framed, 50 x 40cm) NFS

Summer Solstice narrates a brief but powerful story of summer love. The pieces are titled ForwArds (left) and BackwArds (right), which relates to the beginning and end of a relationship, looking forwards and entering into a partnership, and backwards subsequently reflecting after parting. This pair narrates how individuals can come in to our lives, and however brief our incounter, they can alter our perceptions, allow us to grow and leave a lasting impression on our hearts. This piece aims to depict that despite our differences or reasons for parting, people we have united with on an intimate level will always remain connected to us, even if not on the surface, we will always carry parts of them with us. This piece is one of reflection and an uplifting reminder that no love is ever lost.