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"All That Glitters is Not Gold", 2018, 110.3 x 130 x 150.5 cm, Bread

Posted by: Zoe Simons-Walker

Art description

Is classlessness a distant dream? A dream of equality, tolerance, communal spirit; a world that doesn’t scrutinize taste. I believe all classes are segregated into ranks of power, income and occupation within this ‘social scale’. I question the stereotypical shibboleths that indicate an individual’s class and whether they are warped to adapt to the class that the individual would prefer to be accepted into. My latest sculpture is a large ‘gold’ necklace constructed out of bread to embrace working class culture, the culture of overdressing.

I make poor art, because I am poor art. I use food as a sculptural material with a sense of irony. I’m wasting food to draw attention to the less wealthy, and question whether the world would be a better place if the class system could fall.