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My face when you call instead of text (detail)

Art description

This is a large-scale (A1) drawing using pen and ink on paper which explores the notion of 'drowning in life and under the pressure of a normie gaze' from the perspective of a woman with Borderline Personality disorder.

My drawings allow marks to freely manifest on the page, enabling a spontaneous intersection of image and unfiltered idea. My work explores the artist's preoccupation with self, placing narcissism under a critical lens. Inspired by Naive Art and Absurdism, complex compositions are generated by consistently breaking the rules of formalism. Error is integrated into the narrative by allowing mistakes to
guide the structure of the whole image.
Abstracted motifs and patterns generate a disorientating field that with each layer becomes more difficult to read as a whole. The contorted figures and dismembered body parts represent an obsession with identity, female sexuality and the body, recurrent eye motifs fracture the male gaze. Heavy line and crowded imagery represent a conflicted internal dialogue. Faces clutter the page to
represent the multiple public personas I wear as a BPD sufferer to conceal my dismembered sense of self.
My work forms a semi-fictionalized narrative about my life, urgently applying the medium of drawing to translate the inner monologue before it is forgotten.