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Big Blue, linocut, framed 87x65.5cm

Posted by: Ivana Svabic Cannon

Art description

Iva’s prints of water are subjective interpretations of her emotional connection to seawater and waves. The way we perceive waves in their colour, shape and movement is largely determined by the elements of nature – the weather, the sun and the moon. In the print Blue Life, these natural elements are not apparent; we sense them through the energy of rythmic lines and we infer the tension behind waves. In the rythmical movement of the waves, arriving and departing, the artist implies the breathing pattern, which for her represents the universal life principle and inevitable cycle of life and death. For this print, Iva had been inspired by the famous Great Wave, an image that subsequently swept over the world, the work of Katsushika Hokusai, one of Japan's most influential artist and this is her version of it.